Friday, January 29, 2010


In preparation for being able to stay home once baby #2 arrives, I am busily thinking of ideas to create multiple "streams" of income. I've decided that this is a better fit for me than trying to develop one idea alone to fully depend upon for my family's income. I just wish that I knew for sure what will actually work and what won't...or if anything will work...


What direction do you have for me? I am unsure, yet filled with hope. I need doors to close, and only the ones you want me to walk through to open. When decisions involve my family and money, it's much more difficult to choose a path less guaranteed than another...but then, is even a "regular" job stable?

Speak to me. I need to know how to proceed, and I feel that I need to start the process of these multiple income streams sooner than later so that I have a river by the time we need it. Open the floodgates for me, Lord. Show me the way.



  1. Seriously...get into blog design!!! There are tons of designers, BUT - they all have GIGANTIC waiting lists! So there's definitely a market for it, and it's not going anywhere any time soon. You can download for FREE and when you've made a little $$ you can buy something like Photoshop Elements ($80) or even Photoshop one day. If you aren't "artistic" it's okay, because you can use Digital scrapbook kits and iStockphotos to help in your design. If you have any questions, want lessons (free), or advertising (free), then I'd be happy to help you out!

    Also, Heritage Makers seems like the only thing that you can "sell" sort of like Avon, Scentsy, etc... that is REALLY worth it. I don't sell it, but I was considering it. I think it would be a really great idea!!! Go to I recently went to a "party" and it was a really cool idea.

    Last but not least, try "Tastefully Simple"...Google's DELICIOUS and another selling opportunity. I hate sales, but really all you have to do is set out the food and people eat it. IF they like it then they buy it! LOL!

    If you'd like to become an "affiliate designer" I'd love to have you! (After some practice and lessons of course haha!)


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