Friday, November 25, 2011

BEST Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deal To EcoMom ($70 for $15 or FREE)!

Receive $70 worth or products for only $15 OR FOR FREE plus free shipping from! Here's how:

1) Go to and buy a "$50 gift certificate to EcoMom for $25" BUT...ENTER THE DISCOUNT CODE  "ENJOY10" to receive $10 off "SATURDAY40" to get $10 off (deal is good for four more days, but the $10 off code is only good for today, Black Friday  code for 40% off is valid only on 11/26!). So now you are getting $50 for $15.

2) Order today through Monday from EcoMom. You will receive another $20 off of a purchase of $50 from their site (or $40 off of $100). So now you are getting $70 worth of products for $15!

3) Share this deal with all of your friends, using the code you will generate (you must purchase the deal first). After three of your friends also purchase the deal, you will get your deal for FREE! So now you have gotten $70 worth of products from EcoMom for FREE!

I hadn't been to EcoMom until I found this deal (and yes, I bought two gift certificates!). They have so much "green" stuff! Diapers, clothing, toys, food, skincare, bathing stuff, household things, etc.. This is an amazing deal and definitely the best one I have found, possibly EVER!

Yup, I know ya love me. ;-)

A Simple Christmas Project #1: FREE Christmas Cards from TinyPrints

I must either be behind or everyone else is ahead for Christmas this year! I started decorating for the Holiday before Thanksgiving, even, but when I went to find and sign up for Snapfish's free Christmas card blogger program, I found that it was already closed....WHAT?! No worries, though, because I found TinyPrint's is offering their own blogger card review program. Now, they have no closing date listed on their website, so I can't guarantee it's still open, but I still signed up for it. :)

TinyPrints offers super duper cute and professional looking cards that you can customize, so hopefully we'll all get a shot at it. The program is only open to bloggers who also have Facebook/Twitter pages (thus you must already be established). Here's the link: TinyPrints.

Happy card designing for your DIY Christmas!

Have an idea to create a Simple Christmas of your own? We'd love to feature it on LifeMoreSimply with a link back to your own blog and a little info about you! DIY projects, gift ideas, celebrations, food...anything that helps keep things simple and real for Christmas! Email your write up to: with "Simple Christmas Post" in the subject line.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bloggers Needed For A Simple Christmas 2011!

A Simple Christmas 2011

Beginning in three days, Life More Simply will be featuring ideas on how to create a simple holiday this Christmas season. We'll share thoughts and instructions for traditions, decorations, gifts, DIY projects, and money/time whatever else strikes our fancy! If you have an idea or project that we could share with our readers, please send it to Rachel at lifemoresimply @ with the subject "Post for A Simple Christmas" (or something like that). Be sure to include the link to your own blog, website, or business if you have one! Submissions will be accepted until a few days before Christmas. :)


Monday, November 21, 2011

$10 Credit to OneStepAhead

Being a recreation therapist (ok, I work as a Paramedic right now, but that RT degree knowledge hasn't left me!), I have a few rules for toys in my house: they must inspire. This means that the object should encourage my child to imagine, manipulate, learn, and grow. It should challenge, but not overwhelm. Be interesting, but not be solely entertainment. I also generally throw in there that batteries are plastic aren't allowed, but somehow toys still make their way into our home that make noise with no participation from a human! :)

I have long coveted OneStepAhead products because as a rule they are good quality, imagination producing, age and developmentally appropriate toys and household necessities for little ones. I recently ordered a few Christmas gifts from them which came quickly and look awesome! Plus, it didn't break the bank because I hooked up with their deal programs. So without further commentary, here is how YOU can also take advantage of saving a lot of money on their quality products.

1) Sign up for their $10 credit. You will receive $10 off on your first order of $65 or more, PLUS, you will continue to receive a $10 credit for every friend whom you refer who does this. Click here:

2) After you sign up for that and are on their website, sign up for their "Daily Deals" program. They don't actually send them every day (or else my SPAM picks up their emails), but you can get amazing discounts on one product at a time. The deals change every day, but I scored their Dyson Ball Vacuum for like 60% off a few weeks ago--Christmas for my boy!

Happy shopping and money saving!