Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bloggers Needed For A Simple Christmas 2011!

A Simple Christmas 2011

Beginning in three days, Life More Simply will be featuring ideas on how to create a simple holiday this Christmas season. We'll share thoughts and instructions for traditions, decorations, gifts, DIY projects, and money/time savers...plus whatever else strikes our fancy! If you have an idea or project that we could share with our readers, please send it to Rachel at lifemoresimply @ yahoo.com with the subject "Post for A Simple Christmas" (or something like that). Be sure to include the link to your own blog, website, or business if you have one! Submissions will be accepted until a few days before Christmas. :)



  1. My Simple Christmas 2011 is doing the same thing I did last year, regarding decorations. :)

  2. As soon as we get moved next week I am getting my sewing room settled and getting to my biggest challenge to myself: Making new decorations like a table runner, wall hangings, etc, and all my Christmas gifts. Determined to have a handmade Christmas that doesn't "look homemade." :-)


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