Monday, November 30, 2009

Remedies for Pregnancy Related Leg Cramps

The author of Caching Family Blog recently wrote the post below and I thought it was so interesting that I had to share it with you in the form of a guest post. Watch for more guest posts by this author, and be sure to check out her original post here. Want to see your guest blog appear on Life More Simply's Blog? Email your submissions to LifeMoreSimply(@)!

As we entered week 19 I got my normal pregnancy update and this time it focused on leg cramps. My first thoughts were, "I got them about a week ago, I didn't realize they went along with the baby!" Although they do not know for sure what causes these leg cramps, there are several theories:
  • fatigue from carrying around extra weight
  • blood vessels in the legs being compressed
  • excess of phosphorus or shortage of calcium or magnesium in your diet
  • dehydration
  • hormones!!!!
At first, I didn't think too much of it as I have had them in the past. I made sure to drink a lot of water and bought bananas; I had always been told leg cramps were caused by a lack of potassium. After one night of my 'solution' the cramps didn't come back. A few weeks later I had them again but I also realized that I had run out of bananas so I went back to my cure and didn't have them again.

Here are some other suggestions that I found online:
  • straighten your leg and flex your ankle toward your nose (I usually forget which way I should flex and go the wrong way causing even more pain)
  • stretch your legs before going to bed
  • put your legs up as often as you can during the day
  • avoid standing or sitting with your legs crossed for long periods of time
  • stand on a cold surface
  • drink enough during the day
  • exercise each day
  • gently massage your legs during the cramp
  • take a warm bath before bedtime
  • avoid getting too tired
  • sleep on your left side
I was talking to a friend and she had also heard about putting a bar of soap under your bed sheet as a way to alleviate calf cramps. My first thought was "that sounds crazy!" but I did look the tip up since I was curious to know more.

Sure enough, most websites that talk about leg cramps suggested the bar of soap trick. I decided to keep this information the the back of my head as I just might need it one day. Go figure, 4 nights ago I had leg cramps again and I had been consistent with the bananas!! After 2 nights with no relief I decided to put a bar of soap under the fitted bed sheet (hey, if nothing else, the bed would at least smell clean!). I woke up the next morning and was amazed that I hadn't had a cramp! I tried it again last night and when I felt soreness, I would locate the bar of soap and lay my leg on it for immediate relief!

I am very amazed by all of this--who would think soap would take the serious cramp away?
Still curious, I looked up the reasons for soap relieving cramps, here is what I found: "Most leg cramp maladies can be associated with dehydration and depletion of potassium. Gator-ade has sodium chloride, which replenishes lost potassium, as well as rehydrates. Amazingly enough, most bar soaps also contain sodium chloride. During sleep, it is absorbed through the skin from the bar of soap."

So, I am here to tell you it works but I have found a difficulty with it. The bar of soap moves around under the sheets and I have to locate it as I need it. Also, one bar of soap isn't big enough for 2 legs! I have thought about cutting an ace bandage in 2 and wrapping a bar of soap on each leg; If I continue to have problems I just might!

What are some remedies that you've heard of?

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Pink Together- Giveaway!

When we were 15-years-old, one of my best friends mother died from breast cancer. She was young, and left behind 5 children and a husband. Since then, I've watched as numerous other people I know are affected by experiencing breast cancer themselves or by suffering with a loved one who is going through it. MyBlogSpark gave me the opportunity to share a neat online community that is dedicated to raising money for breast cancer research as well as providing a meeting place for people affected by breast cancer to gain comfort, support, and encouragement online. Entitled "Pink Together," this community allows for people to share their stories, download supportive wallpaper for their computer screens, and to learn more about companies that are taking a stand against breast cancer. You can visit Pink Together at ...but visit soon, because things will quickly be wrapping up!

Things you might not know about breast cancer
  • Excluding cancers of the skin, breast cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed among U.S. women, accounting for more than 1 in 4 cancers.

  • Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in women, after lung cancer.

  • One out of eight American women who live to be 85 years of age will develop breast cancer, a risk that was one out of 14 in 1960.

  • 2.4 million women living in the U.S. have been diagnosed with and treated for breast cancer.

On top of this, MyBlogSpark is providing an Inspiring Hope gift basket for one of my readers! This is what they have to say- "to help us generate awareness, we will provide you with an Inspiring Hope gift basket that includes a sleeved travel mug, a running ribbon charm bracelet, a pink leather strap key chain, a pink cinch bag, and a set of inspirational note cards. All of the gift basket items are from, where 25 percent of the merchandise purchase price benefits Susan G. Komen for the Cure® in the fight against breast cancer." They sent me one to review and I can vouch that the items are of good quality, but most importantly, 1/4 of the proceeds are helping to find the cure for breast cancer.

What: you'll receive the Inspiring Hope gift basket from valued at $51.00!
How: First, visit and look around. Then, come back here and share your story about breast cancer (about you, someone else, or other thoughts!). You must enter fast, because the contest ends on Wednesday, November 18th at 3:30pm, EST.

Earn extra entries by
* Telling me something else not listed here that you'd like for yourself or someone else at
* Tweeting this contest (2x/day, max; one entry per tweet)
*Emailing at least 3 friends about this contest with a link and "lifemoresimply(@)" CC'd in
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*Sporting my badge
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*Otherwise spreading the word!

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Monday, November 9, 2009

A "Good Job!" Letter from God

I had an interesting finding today: a while ago, I re-posted this blog entry about the Top 10 Things to NOT Say to a WOHM on a WOHM forum at Diaper Swappers. I'd forgotten all about doing this, until today when I revisited the forum and saw that I have had 2,966 views and 144 responses to that post. WHAT?! I thought I'd open it to find other WOHM's who also have heard the same comments and enjoyed a light-hearted but honest look at how these innocent comments can come across as. Instead, I found a whole lot of very, very offended SAHM's. Interesting to me because 1) the post wasn't about SAHM's and many of the comments have come from WOHMs, and 2) it was a humorous post--not to be taken too seriously.

Obviously my intent was not to offend anyone (hello, do I look like I want to be a WOHM? Why would I be against the very thing I want to be?), but nonetheless it happened (okay, and why are SAHM's even reading and then commenting mean things about me on a WOHM forum?). Maybe I should be a syndicated writer since I seem to be able to capture an audience and evoke strong participation. ;-)

In response to my post, someone had the brilliance to start a new thread entitled "10 Things a WOHM Would Love To Hear." It is this thread that has inspired me to think this idea. What would I like to hear? The obvious things that come to mind would be great--a WAHM job, a full body massage, an offer to clean my house and make dinners every night...But then I realized the thing that would encourage me the most: a "good job!" letter from God. This is what I'd like it to say:

Dear Rachel,

You are doing EXACTLY what I want you to be doing right now and I am proud of you. I want you to know that you are a great mom. It's okay if your house is never clean, you never get time to scrapbook, and you cry every day because you aren't with your baby. Being an accomplished homemaker, doting wife, and making special things for you and your family isn't what gives you value or makes you better than anyone else. You have value because I have chosen you; and you may only be better because of the person you are, not because of the things you do.

It's okay if other people misinterpret what you say, your reasons for working, and judge you. I know the struggles you have endured and continue to face with the decisions surrounding work and being away from your daughter. You haven't had to make an easy choice, and I know the choice you did make hurts you every single day. Rest in knowing that I am with you, and I understand. Remember that you are doing what I want you to do.

You see, I knew you'd have to work, and I still wanted your baby girl to be with you--not another family! It wasn't by accident that I put her with you. I knew that she wouldn't spend every day with you, that you wouldn't be able to teach her everything you wanted to, and that you would sometimes have to wake her up before she wanted to so that she could go to Grandma's house for the day. She is fine with these things, and it's okay. She knows who her mommy is, and she's glad you have given her the chance to spend so much time with the other people that she loves, too. Knowing everything you'd have to face and deal with, I still wanted her with you. You are the best mom there is for her.

Your daughter will grow up to be a strong, beautiful, godly woman and you will have had a great part in shaping her to be that way! Don't worry--you are giving her every opportunity to grow and learn that she needs. Her needs are being met, even if your heart is breaking. She is happy, healthy, and in love with her mama. That's what's important, right?

Don't be discouraged. I love you even more than you love your daughter. Keep up the great work!


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sage Creek Organics Sale

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Sage Creek Organics wanted me to share the news about this awesome sale with you...and I happily obliged because I've previously used some of their outfits (in fact, the same one that's on sale!), onesies, and washcloths--they're fabulous! The clothing stays true to form regardless of washings, is super soft, and well crafted. Don't miss out on your chance to grab up some of these outfits at a great rate!
In case you're wondering, no, this is NOT a paid ad. Just a recommendation from my heart. :-)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Guide To Getting a Job

My husband and I are having a bit of a mental breakdown these days. It wasn't until we had a huge fight yesterday that we got to the root of the issue: Ron isn't feeling like the provider, and I'm not feeling like the caretaker. If you had asked me a year and a half ago if I believed in gender roles, I would have said "not really." Since the day my daughter was born though, my mind has been changed.

We graduated from college with our bachelor degrees a year and a half ago. Having trouble finding jobs, we agreed that whomever found a decent job first would work and the other would stay home with the baby when she came. Well, I found the job. Ever since then, I have felt like a failure and Ron has felt inadequate.

You see, I might bring home the bigger pay check, but it's still not enough (Ron teaches art on the side and does carpentry work when it's available). I'm also unable to maintain my home and be with my daughter all of the time which is what I really want to do. I'm trying at everything I do, but I'm not performing up to my standards (yes, perfection...I can't help but to expect that I execute everything well!). Ron, on the other hand, has been beaten down by a year of applying, interviewing, and not being able to find a job paying more than $9.00/hour. How does this make him feel? Like he's not good enough to be able to provide for his family.

I used to think we'd have no problem with this reversal of traditional roles, but alas, I was wrong. We really struggle with it. My heart is at home. His heart is in production--not cleaning or cooking. Until our situation changes though, this is where we're at...just like a million other families right now who are struggling to find work and provide for their family!

So in case you're also looking for a decent job, here's my "how to get a job guide" based on the hours I've spent scouring job listings for my husband:

1) Get a degree in engineering, nursing, or information technology.
2) Learn to speak Japanese.

3) Look like you're of a minority race...and female, if you can pull it off.

4) Live with mom and dad so that you can afford to have a part time job making $8.00/hour.

5) Give your family to someone else so that no one will mind if you work 60 hours a week and have a 2-hour commute both ways.

6) Learn to hack computers and the US mail system so that you can monopolize the applicant pool for a job--get rid of anyone else's resume that looks like competition for you.

7) Send phony resumes and applications to the job along with your real one. Make the fake ones all look terrible so that yours stands out as being particularly superior.

8) Spy on the company and compile a list of applicant names and phone numbers. Use this information to call the company and let them know that each person has accepted a job elsewhere and is no longer interested in working for them. Except for you, who will have to now be offered the job by process of elimination.

9) Create your own job. Yeah, some of the most successful companies were born out of recession times. Like McDonald's.

10) And if all else fails, make up some business cards that title you as "Professional Job Seeker" so you can at least enter to win those "free luncheon for you and your coworkers" contests at local restaurants. Hey, you never know!