Thursday, June 21, 2012

Looking For Moms Who Want To Lose Weight!

Alright everyone, I have very exciting news...Life More Simply is expanding! Focused on being healthy, fit, and having the body you want, Body More Simply is going to offer reviews, information, and even a product line. On top of that, it will offer you the ability to get natural weight loss, detoxification, and skin care products at wholesale prices, free, or to even earn money yourself!

I'm just starting out in this venture and am extremely excited about what it is to come. Two babies in two years while working as a paramedic has taken quite a toll on my body and I'm ready to claim it back! Well, actually, I've been ready. I did Beach Body's INSANITY program, have done some of Hip Hop Abs and Brazil Butt Lift (ok, maybe I only did two or three sessions of BBL--that guy is a little annoying). I even spent a month doing an 800 calorie medically supervised diet program...Have had my thyroid and metabolism tested...yeah, I guess I've done the whole works. Breastfeeding didn't even help me shed the 10lbs left over from each of my kids (per child, I might add)!

It's been very frustrating, to say the least, which is why I am near giddy about Body More Simply. I've spent a lot of time looking at different products, companies, and ideas. The problem, is that they MUST have the following criteria for me:
1) Active ingredients must be natural

2) Must be able to achieve the body I want while still living in the "real" world (i.e., I can't spend all day working out and I don't have the money to eat all organic and vegan).

The particular company I'm working with has products that are a-m-a-z-i-n-g, and has a huge compensation plan (does a $10,000 bonus sound good to anyone else?! A $600 monthly car allowance? Residual income? Yes, it's like MaryKay, but the market is fresh and the products are affordable). Aside from meeting my criteria listed above, the two factors that have pushed me into doing this are:

1) Dave Ramsey's (you know, the Financial Peace University guy. If you haven't already taken his class, DO IT!  lecture on having "multiple streams" of income. This way, you are building your own financial freedom while not putting all of your eggs in one basket. And the way the economy is, this seems like a better idea every day!

2) My annual woman check up last week. I discussed this weight, water retention, varicose vein problem (yup, now you realize I'm not perfect! Shocking, right?) ;-) with my wonderful midwife who starting talking to me about Raspberry Ketones. Without getting into the entire thing, she told me that the research journals are supporting this stuff because it changes how insulin works with your fat cells, etc.. Anyway, the product line that I am 100% jumping on board with uses the Raspberry Ketones and a whole BUNCH of other natural things that I'd done research on years ago that help with all of the miserable things that ail me!

I'm planning to "launch" this branch of Life More Simply about a week from now, but am looking for 5 people to join me before that! If you want to lose weight, tone up, detox, get free products, and earn money while doing all of this, contact me today! We have a great team and will support you every step of the way! Plus, I'll be helping you--Critical Care NYS Paramedic, B.S. in Psychology and Therapeutic Recreation, and a certificate in Small Business Development under my belt here! 

Email me at or send me a message on Facebook so you can look at everything before I release it next week. Please pass this on to anyone else who you know that might be interested! (oh, and ps-you don't actually have to be a mom to do this).

Let's take back our bodies, our finances, and do it naturally and while still having the time and energy to focus on our families!


  1. Katrina, to get the distributor part going, it's $99 if you sign up BEFORE THE END OF THIS MONTH. Normally, it's $199. If you do one party, you will get more than your $99 back in CASH, plus make commission and get free products, etc. Email me! This is an awesome opportunity and the team we are building is amazing. Plus, the products are stinking awesome. :) lifemoresimply at

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