Monday, August 24, 2009

bumGenius One Size Diaper Review

bumGenius provides cloth diapers and accessories to the US and many countries around the world. They are the first company I've seen to have diapers sold in chain stores (Target), unless you want to count the Gerber “pre-fold” diapers that aren't good for anything other than burp cloths. My first exposure to a bumGenius diaper was actually at Target before my daughter was born. We looked at the diaper in the baby department but ended putting it back in our cart. If I had known what I do now, we definitely would have purchased that diaper!
BumGenius sent me a one size diaper in their Zinnia color to try on Amara. I found it to be the trimmest one size diaper we've reviewed and I love the color. Most cloth diaper companies share the same color palette, but bumGenius seems to have quite a few colors unavailable through other companies including the Zinnia one. Two inserts come with the diaper—one whose length can be adjusted with a snap and the other which is shorter and thinner but great for throwing in as extra absorbency at night.

Closed by velcro type tabs, a neat thing is that the fabric attaching the tabs has more stretch to it than the rest of the diaper cover. I imagine that this creates more comfort for baby as their bellies aren't always in the same place and shape throughout the day, and this will allow for a little “give” while still keeping the diaper snug. I have found throughout the two or so months
that we've been using the diaper that the tabs have gotten slightly fuzzier than when we first received the diaper. The edges of the tab can also be scratchy against bare skin, so watch out if you co-sleep with your baby. As for the adhesion strength, I have had two times when the diaper came undone while she was sleeping. The diaper didn't come off, but one side did come undone. You may want to put pajama bottoms or something over the diaper when your child's sleeping for this reason.

The inside of the diaper is the softest diaper fabric I've felt aside from bamboo valour. It seems to be a cotton blend valour and is oh-so-soft on the skin. The back of this diaper also uses this fabric to create an overlap of the pocket area opening. This keeps your insert from the dreaded leaks that can occur of the insert works its way up the diaper and out the opening since the insert now can't get out of the diaper. As long as the diaper's snug on Amara, we haven't had any leaks with this diaper even at night.

The only improvement I would want to make for this diaper would be a snap system instead of velcro. It's harder to get on, but it definitely wouldn't come undone and would be harder for Amara to figure out when she's older. Even without that though, I think this is a high quality diaper and great for the price!

Buy it: visit to buy them from their sister company!


  1. i wish our target carried these.

  2. We love our BG's! And, they recently came out with an organic one size SNAP closure that I cannot wait to try!! Thanks for the review!

  3. Yes, I must say I love my BG's as well! I used gdiapers (liked 'em, but my daughter urinated so much that I had to double stuff the dipes and then could not get a good seal around her leg) and I also use Happy Heiny's.
    My favorite part of the BG's is the overlap over the pocket. I love the fact that no matter how much my daughter moves, that insert is staying put!

    ps.- how do we find out who wins each contest?

  4. Thanks for your review! I always enjoy reading other mamas reviews on CD products.

    AND......HERE'S A BLOG AWARD! Visit my website to read about it and save the picture and post it on your blog. :-)

  5. Did you try the 1.0...the originals...? I cannot even get anymore because I hate them. They jsut let me down big time and they were SO expensive.

    You mentioned in your comment that the quiverful movement fascinates you. Did you happen to read the interview and the interesting comments that stemmed from it?


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