Saturday, September 29, 2012

Making Money With It Works!

It Works! Only sells its products through licensed distributors. The licensing fee is annual and there are no minimum monthly requirements in order to buy and resell the products.  To sign up and start earning money while getting healthier, go to

Two options to becoming licensed:

Independent Consultant Distributor - $99*
  • Licensed as a distributor for one year (you can buy/resell products, and earn commission off of regular “Loyal” customers and distributors that are under you) - $35 value
  • You receive a kit of business materials
  • You receive a pack of four wraps - $99 retail value
  • You are automatically qualified for your first month to earn commissions off of customer orders and distributors under you (separate from individual wrap sales) without having to have a personal autoship or a minimum sale volume
  • First month FREE online website and eSuite (online business managing site) - $20 value

    Note: this is the better option for individuals who want their own It Works! Business.

 *Kit normally is $199. The $99 discount price has been indefinitely extended by the company (woo-hoo!), but this could always change and go back to the $199 price.

What You Will Spend
  • Initial distributor licensing fee (your "Business Builder Kit"), renewable for $35 annually.
  • Cost of your first auto ship (so you qualify for the $120 product credit) --usually around $100 (most people buy what they're going to resell at their parties each month); you can cancel your auto ship after your first month and STILL receive your commissions if your sale volume is $200 or more.
  • Monthly website/online business program -$20 (optional, but VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED).
  • Any additional marketing you want to do; wholesale cost of any products you want to resell individually.

How You Will Earn Money
  • Individual wrap sales; both the Ultimate Body Applicator and Facial Applicators can be sold individually to people on a one-on-one basis, through “wrap parties”, as a service at your Salon/Spa, as a menu item for your chiropractor practice or gym business, etc..
  • Retail Customer Commissions; 10-15% on retail customer orders that are placed directly through your website or called in with reference to your distributor ID number.
  • Loyal Customer Commissions; 10-15% on all of the Loyal Customer (regular autoship program) orders that are placed directly through your website or called in with reference to your distributor ID number.
  • Downline Commissions; on all of your downline distributors, customers, and your distributor’s distributors/customers, so on and so forth infinitely, you will earn a percent of commission (percentage dependent upon your distributor ranking title).
  • Fast Start Bonuses; $99 cash bonus for each qualifying distributor you sign up; this will increase throughout your downline (not just those you signed up personally) once you reach “Diamond” ranking title.
  • Wrap Rewards; ability to buy one pack of 4 wraps for $25 total for each two Loyal Customers you sign up.
  • $120 Product Credit; when you sign up two Loyal Customers and have your personal authoship order set up/sent in your first 30 days, you will receive a $120 product credit.
  • $600 Monthly Bonus; once you have 60 Loyal Customers directly under you with a minimum monthly sales volume, you will receive a $600 monthly cash bonus. (Beach money! Car bonus! You can use it on ANYTHING!) :-)
  • “Get Out Of Debt Bonus”; Called the “G.O.O.D. Bonus,” this is a $10,000 cash bonus paid out over 25 consecutive months. To qualify, you must sign up as a distributor and achieve Diamond ranking title within any of the timelines that the company opens the GOOD Bonus for (basically, all the time).

How To Get Started For (almost) Free
  1. Take pre-orders for the 4 wraps that are going to come in your kit. Charge $25/wrap, and once you have collected the $100, order your kit (will be around $114 with shipping).
  2. Sell the four wraps that will come in your kit at your launch party instead of using them yourself, then you will have your $100 back in cash to reinvest into your business.

Get Started NOW!


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