Wednesday, May 18, 2011

$10 Subscription to a Ranger Rick Magazine!

Today is one of those days where I was able to check my email and then did a little happy dance because...I found a GREAT deal and it's not too late to snatch it up! So, of course, I am passing it on to you. :)

Mamapedia is offering a 1-year subscription to any of the Ranger Rick family of magazines for only $10 (normal price is $20). HOWEVER. If you haven't snagged a Mamapedia deal before, you get a $5 credit, thus getting an entire YEAR of Ranger Rick for only $5! I'm a pretty happy lady right now, because I most certainly did pay my $5 and now have a year's worth of Wild Animal Baby coming for my family. *SEE NOTE BELOW.

There's two and a half days left to get this deal if it doesn't run out first.

Click HERE to check it out!

Other cool stuff about Mamapedia: multiple deals like this a week, but you can subscribe to only local or national ones if you want. Not only do you get a $5 credit when you make an account (email, password, user name, etc.), but every time a friend of yours makes her first deal, you get a $10 credit with no limit! Think of all of those Christmas presents...

*NOTE* After initially posting this deal as being $5 for a year's subscription, two people contacted me and said the extra $5 credit wasn't being posted to their Mamapedia account. I have contacted Mamapedia about this and am awaiting their response to find out why I got a credit but other people aren't. I will update this post as soon as I find out, but until then, know that you may pay up to 50% (the $10) for the magazine (which is still a pretty sweet deal)! 


  1. I feel kind of silly but I can't figure out for the life of me where that $5 credit comes from? I signed up but it still says $10 :( (Do I have pregnancy brain already?)

  2. when you go to check out it gives you an option to apply the credit! (or it did me, anyway)


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