Friday, March 26, 2010

Earn $ For Posting Reviews at Franklin Goose!

I came across an awesome opportunity yesterday and just spent the last hour working on it for myself: posting reviews of products my family has tried on Franklin Goose's website in exchange for $5.00 store credit PER review.

WHAT?! Franklin Goose says that "many people have asked why were are doing this. The answer is simple. We believe in our site. When we consider all the ways to let people know, we prefer to spend $500,000 on giving money to the people who need it in a creative way rather than to an ad agency for a series of magazine ads."

Yesterday was the first time that I'd heard of Franklin Goose, and I've read on their Facebook page since then that they've had an overwhelming response to this call out for product reviews. The promotion ends March 31, 2010, but they are honoring the $5.00 credit with no limit to how many reviews you can submit--and they're getting over 20 reviews per minute submitted to their site! FYI: they have some great information on their Facebook page, so I'd become a fan after you check out their website. :-)

People, this is an incredible opportunity to support a company that provides natural products for your babies and families. It also provides YOU with an incredible opportunity to earn products for your family that you need and want---and for nothing more than sharing a few sentences on why you did or didn't like something! I'm incredibly blessed by this opportunity as there are some things we still need for Baby Monkey before he arrives and this could be the way we are able to afford some of those things. Pass on the blessings and go start writing!

What: earn $5.00 store credit for EACH product review you submit at Franklin Goose until March 31st.

How: go to , open an account, click on a product you've tried, and then on the words "Add Your Thoughts" for that product. You simply fill out the form and submit it! Because of the overwhemling response, it may take 2 days for your store credit to appear, but when it does, you'll have a "store credit" box on your "My Account" page with your earnings.


  1. I also just discovered this and its absolutely amazing! My review credits are buying all my kids birthday and Christmas gifts this year :)

  2. I wonder if this is not currently offered anymore, i can't find "add your thoughts" anywhere!

  3. Isn't it great ? I know some people had a LOT of things they could review. I "earned" $60 and ordered a couple diapers ! Wish I could have reviewed more , might still go back and make sure I checked all the pages. Will for sure shop at their store next time I need something they sell !

  4. Yay!!! Hopefully I'll find lots of time in the next few days to review. Thanks so much for sharing! You're the best!

  5. I ended up going page by page...Once I hit the "clothing" section, I realized there were a lot of pages and that I've only personally used two of the brands they offer, so I searched for those two brands and that helped save me time in finding things. I noticed that a lot of the reviews are really short an generic so I'm wondering if people are writing about things they haven't even tried just to get the $. :-( I'd be sad about that, because I think this is a really cool opportunity!

  6. My reviews have been a bit short, but that's 'cause I'm pretty short on time! I haven't tried most of their clothes either. But I have tried a lot of Born Free, Lansinoh, and diaper stuff! :-)

  7. Thanks for posting this! Does anyone know if there is a limit on the amount of credit you can rack up? I don't want to waste my time doing more and more reviews if there is not.

  8. There is NO limit on how many reviews you can do! I'd just say to keep it honest and don't post more than one per family per item.


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