Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Vivabox Giveaway

Okay, I am writing this blog post with two concerns in mind: 1) earning an extra entry into an awesome contest, and 2) giving you an opportunity to enter this awesome contest. There are a lot of Mother's Day contests going around on the Internet, but I'm pretty sure that this one outdoes the rest of them that I've seen (save for free homes and trips): a vivabox. What, you ask, is a Vivabox? It is a most unique gift, to say the least.

A Vivabox is an actual box that you receive in the mail from their company, vivaboxusa.com. In it, there are samples of a themed product such as tea, massage, spa, wine, or coffee. You get to try all of the samples, and then pick your favorite and order it for free off of their website! In the case of the massage or spa boxes, a gift certificate is actually included in your box for spa services at a location near you. It's the gift that not only keeps giving, but that you actually want!

Are you interested in winning this amazing Mother's Day gift? Vivabox has generously donated one to Dexter's Super Savvy Mommy and you can enter to win by clicking here. Don't forget to leave me a message letting me know that you went and entered so that I can at least feel some happiness over promoting a contest that I wish to win myself. :-)

Check back to my site often as there are a lot of great things in the works (including give aways and free samples from cloth diapering companies and other things of interest to cloth diapering parents). Start following now and be sure that you won't get left out!


  1. Awesome! i'd choose the barbeque box! they all look awesome though!

  2. rachel dowd "chooch"May 9, 2009 at 6:56 PM

    id love to b a part of this:)


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